Baptism at the Parish of Our Lady of Furness:

Baptism Procedure

Baptism: return to pre-covid practice

If you wish to have your child baptised, we ask that you attend a Sunday Mass in any of our Churches and after Mass, introduce yourselves to the Priest. He will then give you an application form and an information letter.

The application form needs to be filled out and returned to the Parish office at St Mary’s. You will then be invited to a Mass of welcome and the date for the child’s baptism will be booked.

We encourage you to have just two Godparents. If this becomes very problematic, we will allow a maximum of four Godparents, two of whom must be baptised Catholics – preferably practising Catholics.

Baptism Video of Instruction
A 25-minute-long video in which Fr Manny explains the baptism ceremony and its meaning is available on YouTube and you will be sent the link to it once you return your application form and a date has been confirmed.