St Columba’s Church

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St Columba’s began life in 1916 as a chapel of ease to St Patricks. Mass was said in the school ( the chapel is now the infants department).  On September 14th 1949 St Columba’s was formally constituted as a parish in its own right. In 1957 work began on the present church  on Church Lane. The church opened with Christmas Midnight Mass in 1958.

St Columba's, 13 Margate St, Walney, LA14 3AF

St Columba’s serves the Isle of Walney. Over the years much has been achieved. We have a splendid school. The church has changed a little: it was re-ordered in the 1990’s, a day chapel was built out of the sacristy and a “social area” is in place at the back of the church. The celebration of Mass is at the heart of the Parish, we have a wonderful choir and a children’s liturgy.

Changes are a foot in the near future. Sadly not only is the diocese having a shortage of priests, but also Mass attendance has declined in the parish too.  However, we are a people who place our hope and trust in God, his Son Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother.

The Sanctuary, St Columba's, Walney