Changes to Our Deanery!:

Following the ‘Fit for Mission’ of 2009 the Bishop has decided we need to implement the next stage of the plan, particularly in view of the lack of Priests. The Bishop’s letter of last week announced the following changes as they affect the Furness Deanery:

  1. From the Weekend 20/21 July, the parish of Our Lady of Furness (ie St. Mary’s, Holy Family & St Pius) will be canonically merged with Sacred Heart and St. Columba’s to form one parish, called “Our Lady of Furness”. Worship will cease at St. Pius X from that weekend, though the church will remain.
  2. Fr. Emmanuel Gribben will be Parish Priest of the new parish and will reside at St. Mary’s. Fr. Andrew Allman will be assistant priest and reside at St. Columba’s and Fr. Francis Olaseni will be assistant priest residing at St. Pius. Fr Watson & Fr. Gaskin will be moving to Carlisle in early September. Fr. Allman arrives in July. Fr. Gribben in early September.
  3. Dalton will be linked with Ulverston, looked after by Canon Flannery. Fr Glasswell will move to Preston to English Martyrs & St. Ignatius.
  4. Weekend Mass times in our new parish (from 20th July) will be: Sat Vigil Mass – 6pm at St. Mary’s Sunday – 9am Holy Family, 9:30am St. Columba’s, 11am Sacred Heart, 11am St. Mary’s and 6:00pm St. Mary’s

If it is any consolation, the same is happening in other parts of the Diocese (egKirkham/Wesham, Maryport/Wigton, Silloth, Preston, and Carlisle)

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2 Responses to Changes to Our Deanery!:

  1. jean says:

    Fr Dunn, not long after he arrived in this parish forwarned this eventuality. So we can not say it was a suprise. I have always maintained that a healthy parish must grow and grow means change. I do give thanks that I can still go to mass at the Sacred Heart, as I would have difficulty otherwise. So please can we keep the S.H. open another 30 years at least as I do intend to be aroud till I am a hundred, and I would like to be buried from there.

    • JohnN says:

      We shall do our best for you,Jean, so long as we are around for another 30 years to keep SH on the go. We need to get the youngsters involved in taking over the running of the parish as we all pass away, otherwise it will sadly go the same was as St Patrick’s and St Pius X
      God bless

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