Youth Event ‘Flame’

SPEAKER – Cardinal Charles Bo was the Keynote speaker at Flame 2017. He is a Salesian priest, and currently leads the Catholic Church in Burma. Cardinal Charles Bo was made a Bishop at the age of 37 and spent many years walking with the people of his Diocese, walking with them literally. He walked many miles to reach the people most indeed. He spoke of how these people, especially the young were caught up in child prostitution and human trafficking. He said that in England we have experienced freedom for so long that we don’t think about the past, yet the people of his country are still experiencing a serious lack of freedom. He said that everything depended on who hands it was in, a tennis in the hands of a cardinal was worth nothing, but in the hands of Andy Murray, is worth the number one spot in the world. He went on to say a basketball in his hands was worth nothing, but in the hands of the Los Rolenzaz football team, it’s worth millions.  He finished by saying our lives are in the hands of God and there is no better hands to be in.


SPEAKER Cardinal Vincent Nichols is chair of the Catholic Bishops conference in England & Wales.  The Cardinal said in his endorsement of Flame “Flame has now become an important part of the Catholic Calendar and mission in England and Wales. It is a unique opportunity for young Catholics to experience a joyful and missionary Church. In that setting, they experience Christ’s presence through times of prayerful worship and inspiring speakers, as well as through music and much true enthusiasm”.

Fr. Augusto Zampini Davies, works for CAFOD


Fr. Augusto, passed on the thanks from all at CAFOD for all that the people of England have done to change so many lives. He asked the young people if they wanted to change the world, in reply there was a loud 10,000 YES. Fr Augusto then took part in a question and answer session.

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