Volunteers Needed

Helpers are needed for St Mary’s Church. Just a little time each week can make a big difference. We are all called to cherish our church and to maintain and care for it as best we can.

Help is needed for the following roles;                       

1. Tending to the rose garden.

2. Cleaners to maintain the inside of the church.

3. Someone to welcome and greet visitors at Mass. This role would also involve handing out hymn books and missalettes.

4. Helpers to assist in making the tea and coffee in the Parish Centre after 11am Mass on Sunday.

Please be generous in offering your services.  If you can help please give your name and contact details to one of the Priests.

Parish Priest: Fr Manny Gribben
Tel: (01229) 820210

Fr Darren Carden
Presbytery Tel: 471405

Thank you.

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