Parish newsletter – 13th Sunday 2017

13th Sunday 2017.pdf

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  1. William Pilkiewicz says:

    It’s great to see my old friend Emmanuel Gribben ( now known affectionately as ‘Father Manny!’ ) performing for charity as an accomplished concert pianist. I used to visit his home in Pottery St when he first fled from Belfast’s troubles, when he was only 12. His landlord had left an old piano in the sitting room and Emmanuel practically taught himself! I remember how in 2 years he progressed from ‘Chopsticks’ to ‘The Moonlight Sonata!’
    By the way, if anyone was at school with Martin Graham in St Mary’s from 1957 to 1963, I’d love to know. He was the kindest boy in that school, intelligent and a good friend. You’d easily remember him.

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