Concert by the Resurrection Choir of St Petersburg , Wednesday, 7th November at 7pm

This is the fifth visit to Barrow by the “Resurrection Choir” – “Voskresenije” in Russian, which was founded by Jurij Maruk in 1993, its members coming from the St Petersburg Conservatory.  Members of local church choirs and choral societies will find it an interesting experience, especially the singing of the counter-tenor and the basso-profundo singers.  Each year’s performance has sometimes seemed like a master class in “a Capella” singing.

Tickets for the Concert are £12 in advance and £15 “on  the door”.  These may be bought at the back of any of the four parish churches after Sunday Mass or pre-ordered or purchased from the Parish Office, located at St Mary’s Presbytery on Howard Street,  by calling on 01229 820210 between 10am and 1pm on weekdays, or by email to

The poster for the event can be viewed here Poster 2018.

The programme for the event can be viewed here  Programme 2018.  The two halves contrast greatly, the first being Sacred Music, some of it from well-known classical composers; the second being a wide variety of Russian folk songs.  More than half of the songs in the programme are different to last year’s programme and there are four new member of the choir in this year’s line up.  So, even if people came along in previous years, this will be a new experience.

Refreshments will be available at the interval and  CDs of the Choir’s music and Russian artefacts will be on sale.

Please remember – church pews can seem a little hard after you have been sitting on them for a while.  Please feel free to bring along a cushion to make yourself more comfortable.

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