Holy Week

Holy week begins tomorrow when we, the Church journey through the great mysteries of our faith in union with Christ. We will be live streaming the services of the Triduum at the following times:

HOLY THURSDAY(9th April) Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 6.30pm.

GOOD FRIDAY Celebration of the Lord’s passion at 3pm.

HOLY SATURDAY Easter Vigil at 7.30pm.

EASTER SUNDAY Morning Mass at 11am

On Good Friday please place a cross or crucifix in a prominent place and we can all venerate the cross at once. If you are without a cross perhaps you could make a simple cross.

At the vigil we will light candles and renew our baptismal promises. Maybe we could all light a candle and place it too in a prominent place.

Please join us and despite the virus let us unite in prayer to make this a truly Holy Week.

God bless, Fr. Manny

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5 Responses to Holy Week

  1. Elaine Elizabeth Melody says:

    Thank you mass Fr Manny stay safe and well. Elaine (Eucharistic Minister Walney)

  2. William Pilkiewicz says:

    Ah, dear Father, I remember well that 50 years ago this month was your last Holy Week in Belfast before you fled from the troubles and moved to Pottery St in our beloved peaceful Barrow!

  3. Cath Rigg says:

    Thank you Father Manny for your Masses and encouraging words each day (Itechnician got sound on and computer fault not the link) – so blessed to take part in the Easter Vigil etc and hope Chopin behaving – hear fame beckoned you both on Radio 4 request! Keep safe!

  4. mary martin says:

    Thanks to technology and Fr Manny, much appreciated Masses and prayers

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