Good Friday Live Streaming

It was wonderful to come together this Good Friday afternoon, for The Celebration of The Passion of The Lord. Over 1100 families, friends and parishioners were online praying together today. It is good to remember that; although we may not be sitting together in one church, we truly are not alone, as we are always one congregation, in prayer. 

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2 Responses to Good Friday Live Streaming

  1. candice wright says:

    Mass has been a life saver really not just for us { Candice, Steven. Brayden, Summer Wright } but I imagine for many people across the parish, plus Fr Manny as been AWESOME we miss you so much!. For the twins this time of year is very busy for them with them being Alter Servers and I know they miss being at church { they also said they miss their Easter eggs off Fr Manny …kids what can you do?}. Keep up the amazing work Fr Manny. God Bless and Happy Easter

  2. Tony, Margaret, Stuart and Robert Millar says:

    Yes. It has been wonderful. Not being physically present has made all Masses more meditative and prayerful strangely enough.
    St. Francis and Servant of God John Bradburn Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order want to express their love and gratitude. Homilies have been really good and appreciated. Though we can’t see one another we are present, and are together in faith and worship.
    May the Lord bless us.

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