Opening of Churches

I am delighted to inform you that St. Mary’s Church will be open for public Mass as from Sat 4th July. However social distancing will  restrict our capacity considerably.  We have no idea how many people feel ready to return to Mass and so we are in unknown waters and will have to adapt as best we can to this new situation.  We will do all we can to keep you safe and avoid the spread of the virus. After every mass the Church will be disinfected using a fogger. And ushers will be present at every service to guide you and help to keep you safe. Gel for hand sanitising is available at the entrance and exit. Masks too are available as you come in and we encourage you to wear one. There is a one way system and communion will be distributed with the instructions of the ushers to ensure that a queue  does not form in the aisle.  Please observe social distancing at all times.

The opening of the other churches will need more preparation and organisation. Please God we will be able to reach the point where opening them is possible in the not too distant future. We will proceed one church at a time. Thank you for your cooperation and patience.  God Bless, Fr. Manny

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